Benefits of MOC

Maintenance of Certification (MOC) shifts emphasis away from just acquiring knowledge to proving competency. In today’s world, learning new information alone is no longer enough — you need to demonstrate that you understand how to apply the knowledge and skills in real-world situations. That’s what MOC accomplishes. It’s an ongoing process that reinforces key competencies dermatologists must continually master as they evolve and change over time. And it’s through this process that you keep getting better — at applying new medical knowledge, at your aptitude for delivery of better quality medical care and at communicating effectively with your patients.

MOC is a system that helps you keep getting better in your chosen profession.

MOC was also adopted as a professional response to the need for public accountability and transparency in health care. By maintaining ever-evolving high standards for performance and quality care, we increase the level of confidence in patients, other health care professionals, employers, insurers, and government representatives have in our ability to deliver the best care possible.

So what are the benefits of MOC?

For you: MOC is a process that helps you continuously assess your knowledge and skills, identify areas for improvement, and make meaningful changes that result in delivery of higher-quality patient care throughout your career. In other words, MOC is a system that helps you keep getting better at your chosen profession.

For patients: MOC is an objective measure that signals to patients that you’ve reached and maintain a high level of professional achievement.

For the profession: MOC is a proven system that validates our ongoing commitment to keep pace with higher standards and best practices in medicine, in dermatology, and in delivery of patient care.

New! MOC introductory webinar

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This informative webinar will walk you through the changes from traditional recertification to MOC.
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