Meeting your requirements

What do you need to do to meet all your MOC requirements throughout the 10-year cycle? Here are some ways AAD makes it make it easy to understand your requirements:

  • MOC requirements by component part. For a summary chart showing all the requirements over the 10-year cycle, reference the ABD's chart.
  • 10-Year MOC overview chart. Here’s another way to consider your MOC requirements:



Go to the American Board of Dermatology's MOC website to fill in an individual grid that will help track your progress each year.

Keep track of your progress at the AAD Transcript. Monitor continuing education credits, track progress on self-assessment questions, and more.

 Please contact the ABD to ensure that you are completing the correct components at the appropriate time or for question regarding your individual MOC cycle. 

New! MOC introductory webinar

                MOC intro webinar
This informative webinar will walk you through the changes from traditional recertification to MOC.
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