Performance measurement and quality reporting

Beginning in 2005, the Medicare program launched an initiative to develop and implement the use of quality measures in health care in the United States. These measures are intended to support physicians’ quality-improvement efforts by offering evidence-based standards against which they can assess themselves.

Measures are developed by various physicians’ groups and accepted for use in Medicare’s Physician Quality Reporting System, which currently offers financial incentives to physicians who report their use of measures.

Additionally, performance measurement through self-assessment and practice performance improvement is an important piece of the American Board of Dermatology's Maintenance of Certification Program (MOC).

In keeping with the American Academy of Dermatology‘s key priorities of quality patient care and membership support, the Academy is committed to developing appropriate, dermatology-specific measures and offers tools and resources to facilitate dermatologists’ participation in the Medicare Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) and MOC.