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Men older than 50 are at a higher risk for developing skin cancer, including melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. “Golf” is the American Academy of Dermatology’s TV public service advertisement (PSA) that uses humorous golf course hazards to point out that the missed hazard of a spot on a person’s skin could be a killer. “Golf” encourages men to check their skin for skin cancer, and directs them to to find out how.

“Born,” the Academy’s other TV PSA, asks the question: At what age is the color your skin was meant to be no longer beautiful? Showcasing the beauty of skin in infants, toddlers and teens, this PSA asks women to change their thinking, not their skin. “Born” asks young women to stop tanning, because melanoma is the second-most-common form of cancer for teens and young adults 15-29. The ad encourages viewers to learn more about the dangers of tanning by visiting


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