Mentee guidelines

Getting started with your mentor

  1. You should contact your mentor within two weeks of receipt of your assignment. You and your mentor should agree upon a convenient time to speak and confirm that you know how to contact each other (via email, telephone, etc.). You also should agree on boundaries (practical and ethical), confidentiality and a no-fault termination. Learn more here about what a no-fault termination entails. If your mentor has not replied to you within 10 days, contact the program administrator for assistance. 
  2. Exchange curricula vitae (CV) prior to the first meeting so you already know pertinent professional information. 
  3. Set aside about an hour for the first meeting with your mentor. Use this hour to learn about other aspects of your mentor. Share core values, interests or hobbies. The following examples are vignettes that demonstrate the importance of shared core values in a mentor relationship.
  4. Discuss your goals and needs with your mentor. Work with your mentor to devise a meeting schedule and plan to meet at least monthly with your mentor. Be prepared to work with your mentor on developing short- and long-term goals for the relationship.

Basics for mentees

  1. Be prepared for your meetings by reviewing the notes and action items from the last meeting.
  2. Be open about successes or challenges you have experienced since the last meeting.
  3. Use active listening skills when meeting with your mentor. Take notes and ask questions to clarify your mentor’s comments if necessary.
  4. Continue to review the goals as established in the beginning of the relationship.
  5. Take the initiative to ask for feedback and remain objective. Thank your mentor for being open and honest with you.
  6. Briefly summarize the meeting and discuss action items for the next meeting.