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I met my fiancé four years ago. On our first date, I noticed a large scar on his neck. He explained to me that it was from melanoma. At the time I had very little knowledge about skin cancer. I later found out more details about his story and realized how serious it was. He was a victim of the sun. For many years of his life he tanned outside, used tanning beds, and played hours of basketball in the Florida sun without his shirt on and not enough sunscreen. At age 27 he received the news that the mole that he noticed bleeding on his neck was cancer. His doctor removed the spot and he nervously waited to hear if it had spread to his lymph nodes, knowing that this could be a very devastating outcome.

He was so lucky that he had caught it just in time and the cancer had not moved to his lymph nodes. He had major surgery on his neck (he says the wound looked like a wolf had taken a bite out of his neck) and then Interferon treatments. It was really that summer that I realized how the sun no longer was just part of the world, but rather a deadly killer.

Our first summer dating was very eye opening for me. I watched him slather on sunscreen every hour and he would then apply some to me just in case I missed a spot that we didn't see. It was that summer that I realized how the sun no longer was just part of the world, but rather a deadly killer. I then thought back to all the summers I have spent in the sun and have gotten some sunburns here and there. This was serious, but no one ever thinks about it until they have cancer.

I was inspired by my experience with my fiancé. I wanted to drive awareness about this disease and help people recognize the signs before it is too late. I created a smartphone app that takes pictures of moles and analyzes its appearance for melanoma. I partnered with several people, including dermatologists, to design the app and have now launched it at

Amazingly, I already have three testimonies about people using my app, going to the dermatologist because of their results from the app, and skin cancer was found. I am serving my purpose and loving it. I also am marrying my melanoma survivor in two weeks! Life is good, and why not keep it that way. Get your moles checked and track them at home (especially now that I have made it even easier for you to track them)!

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