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Camp Discovery was founded in 1993 and offers a summer camp experience like no other. Every summer, the American Academy of Dermatology sponsors six weeks of camp in five locations where everyone can experience activities such as fishing, swimming, archery, horseback riding, nature trails, and just plain fun!

Under the expert care of dermatologists and nurses, Camp Discovery offers campers the opportunity to spend a week among other young people who have similar skin conditions. Many of the counselors have chronic skin conditions as well, and can provide support and advice to campers.

There is no fee for camp. All costs, including transportation, are provided by the American Academy of Dermatology through generous donations from its members, other organizations, and individuals. The American Academy of Dermatology is proud to offer this experience to about 380 children each year.

Learn more about the American Academy of Dermatology's Camp Discovery camps:

Camp Little Pine (ages 10-14) and Camp Big Trout (ages 14-16)

Camps Little Pine and Big Trout are located at Camp Knutson is Crosslake, Minnesota. Camp Knutson is the original location of the first camp in 1993 and is positioned on a 30 acre peninsula of beautiful, wooded land and surrounded by lake shore. A popular spot with campers is the beach where swimming, boating, and other safe water activities are enjoyed every day.

For more information about Camp Knutson, please visit www.campknutson.org.

Camp Horizon (ages 8-13)

Camp Horizon is located at Camp Victory in Millville, Pennsylvania. The camp was established in 1994 and the first camp was held in the summer of 1995. Since that time, the camp has expanded to a full week and has grown to over 80 campers and a staff of more than 65 volunteers.

The 35-acre campsite features 10 sleeping cabins, a large mess hall, outdoor activity pavilions, fishing and paddleboat pond, a low-ropes course, nature center, a pool, and a fully equipped infirmary.

For more information about Camp Horizon, please visit www.campvictory.org.

Camp Dermadillo (ages 9-15)

Camp Dermadillo is located at Camp For All in Burton, Texas. Burton is located between Houston and Austin in the rolling hills of Washington County. The 206-acre camp site purchased in 1996 was once part of a working ranch and features more than 100,000 square feet of facilities, two lakes, nature trails, wooded areas, and cleared areas for activities such as horseback riding, field sports, and a ropes course.

For more information on Camp For All, please visit www.campforall.org.

Camp Liberty (ages 8-16)

Camp Liberty Andover Logo

Camp Liberty began the summer of 2010 and is now held at Channel 3 Kids Camp, which sits on 150 acres by the shores of the Skungamaug River, in Andover and Coventry, Conn. Located 30 miles south east of Hartford.

For more information on Channel 3 Kids Camp, please visit www.channel3kidscamp.org.

Camp Reflection (ages 8-16)

Camp Reflection is located at Camp Korey in Carnation, Washington. Beginning in 2011, Camp Reflection is the newest AAD Camp Discovery camp. Camp Korey is situated on 818 acres of rolling hills. Century-old barns and farmland has been renovated and now includes a medical facility, swimming pool, sports courts, climbing wall, zip-line, camper lodges, and teepee village.

For more information on Camp Korey, please visit www.campkorey.org.


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In 2013 Camp Discovery celebrated its 20th year of providing kids with skin disease the summer of their lives.

Learn about some of Camp’s highlights from the last two decades.