CURRENT ISSUE / February 2016
Cover story

Big data, big changes

How the age of information is changing patient care, physician payment, and much more

In most facets of life, Americans are feeling the effects of the availability of big data. It was only a matter of time before the desire for data permeated into the health care arena.

Feature story

Picking up the scent

The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials and keeping track of what’s in consumer fragrances

Smell takes on a near omnipresent status in everyday life. And with nearly 3,000 different fragrances in commercial use, it is perhaps unsurprising that some type of fragrance ingredient is present in nearly every consumer product, unscented’ or not.

Feature story

Tech buzz

Picosecond lasers, EBT are hot topics for dermatologists

Increased demand for tattoo removal and treatment of nonmelanoma skin cancer has pushed industry to develop new technology and prompted dermatologists to seek out new treatments as well as partnerships with other specialists.

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