Dialogues in Dermatology: Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I download an MP3 file?
If you're a Windows user, right-click on the file's link and choose "Save Target/Link As...". If you're a Mac user, hold the ctrl key and click your mouse button on the link for a moment. A menu will appear, with the option to "Download Linked file" Click that. A save prompt will appear asking you where you want to put the file. Select the appropriate directory, and click "Save."

Q: What do I need in order to download an MP3?
You only need a web browser, an internet connection, and some disc space to download an MP3 file. But once you have it, you'll probably want to listen to it. For this you'll need a piece of software to play the file.

Q: What do I need to play an MP3?
Almost all new computers come configured to play mp3s. After you've downloaded a file, double-click the file, and it should open in your default audio player. If this doesn't happen, you'll need to associate a program with the file type.

Q: How do I get the MP3 onto my MP3 player or iPod?
For an iPod player you can use the free audio application iTunes for Mac or PC. This is an excellent way to organize and play your audio files and to load them to an iPod audio player. All mp3 players require you to import the mp3 file into the software and then sync the computer to your mp3 player. To import the mp3 file into your software you should follow the instructions from the software provider. Most software for mp3 players like ipods and iTunes allow you to drag n Drop the mp3 file into the iTunes software or choose file/import.

The following MP3 players are already pre-installed on your computer. Each player will automatically play the files above without any requirements.

Windows Users:Windows Media Player
Mac Users:QuickTime
iTunes for Mac/PC Users: www.apple.com/itunes