Media resources

The American Academy of Dermatology (Academy) is committed to working with accredited media members to provide accurate and timely information about dermatology news, as well as facts about a full spectrum of skin conditions. The Academy’s communications professionals are available to fulfill your requests for AAD member interviews, as well as provide tips and facts for your reporting. 

The following Academy media resources are available for your convenience:

Media contacts
Get in touch with the Academy’s communications staff for referrals to dermatologists to interview, background information about a variety of skin conditions and more.

Public service advertisements
The Academy produces public service advertisements (PSAs) on issues that are of concern to public health regarding dermatology. The most recent PSA campaign tells the story of a patient who died from melanoma.

Stats and facts
Find information about skin conditions, the field of dermatology and more on this quick-reference resource page.

AAD position statements
Read official AAD positions on topics such as regulation of indoor tanning, vitamin D, tattooing and more.

Gold Triangle Awards
The Academy has discontinued its Gold Triangle Awards program. We applaud your past and future efforts to further the public’s understanding of dermatologic conditions and concerns, and encourage healthy behaviors in the care of the skin, hair and nails.

Related resources
More information about specific skin conditions is available in the public section of the website.

Media contacts for accredited media members only:

Jennifer Allyn: (847) 240-1730

Nicole DiVito: (847) 240-1746

Kara Jilek: (847) 240-1701

Amanda Jacobs: (847) 240-1714


Fax: (847) 330-0050

For policy-related requests contact:

Amanda Narod: (202) 712-2603