AAD’s PI CME program eases MOC process

Maintenance of Certification (MOC) is an ongoing recertification system for  U.S. physicians — including dermatologists — that emphasizes continuous improvement and lifelong continuing professional development (CPD) to assure that physicians deliver the highest-quality patient care throughout their careers. Under the American Board of Dermatology’s  MOC 10-year cycle system, which is voluntary, board-certified dermatologists are required to complete relevant continuing medical education (CME) activities, self-assessments, practice/quality improvement activities such as performance improvement, and pass the recertification examination.   In 2010, the Federation of State Medical Boards  (FSMB) adopted Maintenance of Licensure (MOL) which not only requires CME but also requires self-assessment and performance improvement CPD activities.  MOL is currently being piloted in over 10 states.

The Academy recently spoke with Ma Katrina Dy, MD, FAAD, about her experience using the AAD’s PI CME activities to complete her MOC practice assessment/quality improvement component.

AAD: Dr. Dy, you enrolled in the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program in 2006, the year of the program’s inception. The program has received mixed reviews from our members. What’s been your experience?

Dr. Dy: Let’s be honest. Most physicians participate in MOC because we have to, not because we want to. Like most of my colleagues, I agree with what MOC is designed to accomplish. Physicians need to stay current. When I enrolled in MOC, my thought was I wanted to knock it off as quickly as possible. It’s expensive and time-consuming. Many of us feel we could be using the time and money spent on MOC to improve our practices.

When I enrolled in 2006, there weren’t many resources to help you fulfill the components. Fortunately, I discovered that the Academy has resources to help meet MOC requirements. That’s proved to be a big help through the process.


PI CME resources

AAD:  What Academy programs have been most helpful to you?

Dr. Dy: